Friday, May 29, 2009

A Sailor Luau

This was one fun collaboration! Several of us teamed up together for ATeam's Rock-A-Luau launch and put together some pieces I know you will love looking at! Thanks to Lisa (LyndsayLeila) for inviting me! I had a great time working with you and this sweet group of ladies! You can find so many darling sets and pieces to these sets here....boys overall, patchwork capri set, bows, necklace, hair cookies, backpack and even a matching dress for her American Girl doll!

If you're searching for my set you can find it here. It's a sweet three piece set with a dress, top and leggings. It would be perfect for 4th of July!

I Met Tracy!!!

This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting my sweet friend, Tracy (pbj*creations) We had so much fun together and the kiddos were instant friends. We took pictures...(well, Tracy did since I forgot my card AGAIN!) and talked as fast as we could for the short time we were together. Tracy knew the perfect photo spot for our sailor themed sets. Don't you love the lighthouse???
It was so much easier for the kids to take pics with friends close by. They were so silly and did some crazy posing!
Tracy's Mr. B is modeling her set that you can see
Her niece, Miss M is modeling for our friend, Lisa (LyndsayLeila). You can see her darling little set here.
The applique's for our sets are from the talented Traci (leeziebee). You can find here here and here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

This Is Boutique Auction of the Day!

Thanks oodles, Cree, for selecting me as 'Auction of the Day'. Be sure to check out her fabulous site This Is Boutique! You'll love what you see!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Tale of the the Fairy Tale Princess

This week I've made a sweet Cinderella set. I have to say that I LOVE this new little top pattern designed by Wendy of(BellaMarieBoutique). I saw it a week or so ago and knew that I had to find it! Well, the best part of finding it was that it was instantly downloadable from YouCanMakeThis. What could be better than finding what you're looking for AND being able to have it in your hands in just minutes! You'll definitely see this style from me again. I can see so many possibilites with it. The skirt if my favorite Farbenmix Insa.

Oh, and when I began to work on this one, I discoved I needed more of the light pink and blue dot fabric. Since I have to drive a distance to purchase fabric AND my hubby was just by coincidence going to the town I bought it from, I took advantage of it. I called the quilt shop, described the print and read the selvege with the info so they could find it. They cut and packaged it then had it ready for him to pick up. Easy, smeasy...I had the pattern in my hands in minutes and the fabric delivered right to my sewing room door!
You can find this sweet Cinderella here.

Miss B comes over to hang out with me a few times a week. Most of the time we are in the sewing room. She has me lower the ironing board to make her 'work station' and sits on a little stool to begin creating. Her tools are usually the scotch tape dispenser, scissors, pencils and her favorite thing...the trash can. She digs to find the treasured leftovers and begins to create. Well, last week she saw my sketch book and asked me what the drawing was. I told her it was for the a Cinderalla set. We both continued working and in a few minutes she brought the sketch book to me. Evidently, she did not like the design I had drawn because this it what she showed me. NO was to my idea of sweet ruffled pants and the design was changed and her colors selected. It looks to me that she has a future in fashion design!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dutch Treat!

Today I listed this sweet treat of a set. When I saw the dutch delft fabric, I knew I wanted to make something with it. I did a little search for Dutch trims and was lucky enough to find a few sweet pieces that would work well with what I had in mind. After getting those supplies in hand, I knew I would need a pair of wooden shoes from Miss B to wear for modeling, so not knowing exactly how the fitting would be, bought a pair on ebay. The fit was doable, although somewhat hard to walk in! She had a hard time understanding how anyone would want to wear those kinds of shoes, but was facinated by them. This set is the first for me to list with my fabulous new group Sugar3, and three of my sweet designer friends from there collaborated to put together a super fun little set. Angie, (doodlesbowtique) made a darling bow set, Tracy (creme*de*la*gems) worked her magic with a sweet necklace and Robin (tallulahsophie) the precious little coordinating doll. You can find this Dutch Treat set here.

After we finished taking pictures for this set, Miss B wanted me to take one more. She quite proud of this phenomenon of toothlessness! It makes me think back to when she first started modeling for me 4 years ago. She was just getting all her teeth then, and now she's beginning to loose them! Next week she'll finish her kindergarten year and it seems like it was just a few years ago that her mom was doing the same thing! The older I get the faster it goes!