Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Riley!

Today our youngest daughter turns 21. She's the kind of daughter every mom would want...gentle, caring, and the sweetest heart. I thought maybe I would share a few pics of her in some clothes that I made for her when she was a wee little thing. I really enjoyed looking through pics today and reminiscing about the hours of smocking and sewing I did for my three precious daughters over the past 28 years.

Many treasures in my attic and in my heart.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pippi Is Here!

I've been wanting to do this set for so long! Finally it is finished and listed. When I was first thinking of making it, I told Miss B about Pippi and we went to the library to borrow the movie. She thought she was hilarious and watched it several times. If you haven't watched in a long time, like me, you must! It's still the same silliness I remember from years ago.

I think B's a little Pippi looking with her sun-kissed, freckled face and tint of red hair.

You can find my set right here.

Some sweet friends joined with me and added the sweetest bows, jewelry and painted tote! You can find all of their listings here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Sailor Luau

This was one fun collaboration! Several of us teamed up together for ATeam's Rock-A-Luau launch and put together some pieces I know you will love looking at! Thanks to Lisa (LyndsayLeila) for inviting me! I had a great time working with you and this sweet group of ladies! You can find so many darling sets and pieces to these sets here....boys overall, patchwork capri set, bows, necklace, hair cookies, backpack and even a matching dress for her American Girl doll!

If you're searching for my set you can find it here. It's a sweet three piece set with a dress, top and leggings. It would be perfect for 4th of July!

I Met Tracy!!!

This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting my sweet friend, Tracy (pbj*creations) We had so much fun together and the kiddos were instant friends. We took pictures...(well, Tracy did since I forgot my card AGAIN!) and talked as fast as we could for the short time we were together. Tracy knew the perfect photo spot for our sailor themed sets. Don't you love the lighthouse???
It was so much easier for the kids to take pics with friends close by. They were so silly and did some crazy posing!
Tracy's Mr. B is modeling her set that you can see
Her niece, Miss M is modeling for our friend, Lisa (LyndsayLeila). You can see her darling little set here.
The applique's for our sets are from the talented Traci (leeziebee). You can find here here and here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

This Is Boutique Auction of the Day!

Thanks oodles, Cree, for selecting me as 'Auction of the Day'. Be sure to check out her fabulous site This Is Boutique! You'll love what you see!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Tale of the the Fairy Tale Princess

This week I've made a sweet Cinderella set. I have to say that I LOVE this new little top pattern designed by Wendy of(BellaMarieBoutique). I saw it a week or so ago and knew that I had to find it! Well, the best part of finding it was that it was instantly downloadable from YouCanMakeThis. What could be better than finding what you're looking for AND being able to have it in your hands in just minutes! You'll definitely see this style from me again. I can see so many possibilites with it. The skirt if my favorite Farbenmix Insa.

Oh, and when I began to work on this one, I discoved I needed more of the light pink and blue dot fabric. Since I have to drive a distance to purchase fabric AND my hubby was just by coincidence going to the town I bought it from, I took advantage of it. I called the quilt shop, described the print and read the selvege with the info so they could find it. They cut and packaged it then had it ready for him to pick up. Easy, smeasy...I had the pattern in my hands in minutes and the fabric delivered right to my sewing room door!
You can find this sweet Cinderella here.

Miss B comes over to hang out with me a few times a week. Most of the time we are in the sewing room. She has me lower the ironing board to make her 'work station' and sits on a little stool to begin creating. Her tools are usually the scotch tape dispenser, scissors, pencils and her favorite thing...the trash can. She digs to find the treasured leftovers and begins to create. Well, last week she saw my sketch book and asked me what the drawing was. I told her it was for the a Cinderalla set. We both continued working and in a few minutes she brought the sketch book to me. Evidently, she did not like the design I had drawn because this it what she showed me. NO was to my idea of sweet ruffled pants and the design was changed and her colors selected. It looks to me that she has a future in fashion design!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dutch Treat!

Today I listed this sweet treat of a set. When I saw the dutch delft fabric, I knew I wanted to make something with it. I did a little search for Dutch trims and was lucky enough to find a few sweet pieces that would work well with what I had in mind. After getting those supplies in hand, I knew I would need a pair of wooden shoes from Miss B to wear for modeling, so not knowing exactly how the fitting would be, bought a pair on ebay. The fit was doable, although somewhat hard to walk in! She had a hard time understanding how anyone would want to wear those kinds of shoes, but was facinated by them. This set is the first for me to list with my fabulous new group Sugar3, and three of my sweet designer friends from there collaborated to put together a super fun little set. Angie, (doodlesbowtique) made a darling bow set, Tracy (creme*de*la*gems) worked her magic with a sweet necklace and Robin (tallulahsophie) the precious little coordinating doll. You can find this Dutch Treat set here.

After we finished taking pictures for this set, Miss B wanted me to take one more. She quite proud of this phenomenon of toothlessness! It makes me think back to when she first started modeling for me 4 years ago. She was just getting all her teeth then, and now she's beginning to loose them! Next week she'll finish her kindergarten year and it seems like it was just a few years ago that her mom was doing the same thing! The older I get the faster it goes!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Making a Splash!!!

Today I listed this fun little summer set. I tried
something new this time...hand dyeing fabric. It was quite a process, but the results were what I had hoped for...a subtle change in color from sky to water! Lots of little details were added...buttons, buttons,buttons and other little embellishments. This was definitely fun for Miss B to model...when I mentioned she could fish while we took pictures she was tickled!
She's quite a fishing gal and can cast that line with the best of 'em, mainly her daddy! The pond is our view from our front porch. We've had tons of fun there...catching frogs, fishing, throwing rocks and yes, even taking pictures for my listings! I'll miss it when we sell this summer!

Friday, April 10, 2009

'Maggie' Kandy*Kisses* Debut Line

My sweet friend, Laurie, will debut her first collection this Spring! You can find the selection of 15 pieces on her website April 16th. I LOVE her style and can't wait to see it! Check out her blog for a chance to win a skirt from this collection! All you need to do it post a picture and a link to her website, Kandy Kisses Boutique.
to be entered in the drawing! Easy, smeasy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello Miss Kitty!

Here's a first one for me! I've never done a Hello Kitty set before, although I"ve had this darling fabric well over a year. I knew my friend, Susan, (little*moonkey) was a huge fan of Hello Kitty and also had some of the same fabric, so we planned a little collaboration. We even found some matching sandals for the girls at one of our favorite stores! If you're looking for some you can find them here.
The apron top is full of fun little details...applique, machine embroidery, little bits of trim, ruffles, buttons, flowers on a base of whimsically mixed fabrics...including the hard-to-find Hello Kitty print. The super twirly skirt is waaay fun and twirls great with or without a pettiskirt! I gave Miss B the choice of how she wanted to model it and, of course, she chose the fluffy route.

You can find the Miss Kitty Skirt Set here.

A second variation of Hello Kitty is this sweet three piece capri set. I've chosen comfy knits under an apron style top for a fun little combination. It's easy care and easy wear with a peasant pullover top, capris & apron that slips right over her head and ties in the back. The details are similar to the top from the skirt set....oh, and if you had both sets all of the pieces could be easily interchanged! The pants on this one can made in any style...long and slim to wide legged and shorter...or if your little one is a skirt kind of gal, a simple skirt would work perfectly, too.
You can check out the Miss Kitty Capri Set here.

Now for the hair do...this time we thought it would be fun to do some little 'cat ears' on top of her head! When I did the two little braids on the sides, I just slipped a little bit of wire into the braid, formed it and then clipped the bobby pinned the ends of the braids under the bows. If you try it, be sure to curl the ends of the wire under so they don't poke her head...ow, that would hurt!. Miss B loved them so much, she wanted to wear them to the drugstore to choose her prize. The checker at the store told her they were adorable and she just shyly smiled. Aren't they perfect with the sweet hair decor from Angie?(doodlesbowtique) She amazed me once again with her fun, funky style!

(a little side note...taking model pics does occasionally pose some challenges. I know it's hard for you to know exactly what goes on when we do each set of photos, and this one was especially interesting. The day before we took these, Miss B fell smack down on the corner of the patio! Oh, it was quite painful to her and so scary for her momma! She was left with a pretty good size boo-boo around her eye and nose. She was not really wanting to take pics because of this, but was a pretty cooperative and a real trooper! You'll see there are not many close ups and many that are indeed 'head turners' lol Thanks, sweet Miss B...I love you with all my heart!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy!

Here's a yummy treat for your sweet little one! I loved working on this one and adding the fun little details. The pocket...package of M&M's... is the perfect size to stash her own pack of that sweet confection. It's a fully lined pocket and her little hand fits easily in to it. The little plush guy is clipped on to the front of the top and a my own ribbon tassle hangs on the skirt. I love the button 'candies' spilling out of the pack and tumbling down the front.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at

You know I LOVE Angie's bows! (doodlezbowtique) They go so well with my style and are always a just the right finishing touch for Miss B's hair. My daughter, Haley, found some great blogs with such fun little girl's hair do's. She's a great blog searcher and always finds the best ones to add to my long list of favorites! This is one of the new do's I found while searching this week. Miss B loved it when she took a peek at the back of it! She thought it was fun to have a 'circle' on her head!

In all the times I photograph Miss B, the best one are the ones when she is playing and doing what she wants to do! Here's a perfect example of that...I was checking the camera & look up to see her tossing her M&M's into the air and attempting to catch them. Oh, and this was her THIRD package of this same candy. We had a little glitch with the first shoot. I hate it when I forget to put the card in my camera!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Lamb

Here's one more sweet little Easter set, Little Lamb, that I've just listed today. It's full-of-twirl and has a darling appliqued front and back bodice. The applique is just as cute as can be and was a ton of fun to create. On this one, I decided to do a little fabric piecing to create the grass & sky and then added a sweet row of daisy lace to connect the two. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Also, this time I matched a peasant top to some ruffled footless tights. They are such a fun little touch to the set. I know Miss B loves wearing them and thinks they are quite 'fashionable'...a quote right directly from her!

Again, Angie (doodlesbowtique) created some of the sweetest little hair accessories to match. I always love opening the boxes I receive from her. These bows are a perfect match and the little carrot clip is an amazingly detailed work of art!

Just a little note about the headful of curls...
Miss B came over to spend the night and when she arrived she had the most lovely curly hair. She told me her momma had curled with rags, the way they did on the Titanic! She has loved the story of the Titanic for a few years and her sweet kinder teacher has just completed a unit on the same that week. (She told me that she loved every bit of that unit and had kissed the books good bye as Ms. C put them away on Friday!) Well, she had to have her freshly washed hair curled at our house that night, too. She and I went through my fabric stash and chose some pretty pink and brown floral fabric and tore a mound of strips to curl her lovely locks. It turned out quite 'fashionable'!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bitty Bunny is Here!

Today I've listed this sweet little Easter set I've entitled 'Bitty Bunny'. I've again added my newly designed little ribbon tassles and this one is full of fun little pieces and a little bitty bunny....thus the title! I was able to purchase some fabulous trims, fabrics and other great embellishements from a children's clothing manufacturer and one of those great finds was the fabulous trim on this's a sweet little of a row of radishes! It's so unique and I have just enough to use on one other dress like this one. You'll have to take a peek at the darling bow and clip that were made to match this set, too. Angie (doodlesbowtique) used the trims I mailed to her and her collection of ribbons and trims to make the most darling accessories! When I opened the box and saw this one, I was amazed! She is so creative and does the most wonderfully, whimsical bows. She's a treasure, for sure, and just so much fun to work with!
My good friend, Laurie (kandy*kisses*) and I love listing together. She's made some darling little Easter sets and also the sweetest little painted purse. Also, she's started a new line of precious baby girl sets. You'll have to take a peek at hers...just sweet as sugar! Thanks for the great template, too, Laurie!
Once again, Gaby (janea04) has been the inspiration for my applique design. She's so talented! Thank you, my sweet friend, for sharing your drawing!

Congratulations Kandy & Kasey!

You girls are the winners of a custom skirt, specially
made just for you! Thanks for leaving a comment on
my last listing!

This drawing was through my mailing list and readers
that left a comment were randomly drawn to receive a
custom made skirt. Be sure to subcribe if you are not
on my list. I'll do some fun little drawings and I'd love to
have your name in

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miss Dotz Shoppe

Miss Dotz Shoppe...well this little gem is a real work of love! It took hours to cut and applique the zillions...well, not really that many---it just seemed like it...of little pieces on the front of the apron top. It's just the kind of creating I love to do. I so love adding little bits of details...tiny buttons, little bows, hand stitching and the huge splash of color. The top is a deconstructed (that means I took a pattern and changed it to work the way I wanted it to) jumper pattern. I added little eyelets to the side and laced it as a closure.
The fluffly, twirly skirt was a first for me. It was so much fun to construct...I got to go wild and add anything and everything I wanted to it...and I did!

A huge thank you to my sweet friend, Gaby, who drew the fabulous Polkadotz Shoppe for our new group. It was, of course, the inspiration for my new set. Gaby is not only a talented clothing designer, but a gifted artist as well.

Miss B and I went to our little boutique in town and purchased her very first pettiskirt. She's wanted one for a very long time. I actually had good intentions of making one for each of my sweet granddaughters for Christmas, but the fabric is still lying dormant! I even thought I might get one ready for Valentine's Day...still not luck! Well, they both have March birthdays,....
There is absolutely nothing sweeter for a Nanny than watching a granddaughter twirl in the woods in a much cherished pettiskirt. Enjoy and thanks for taking a peek!