Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy!

Here's a yummy treat for your sweet little one! I loved working on this one and adding the fun little details. The pocket...package of M&M's... is the perfect size to stash her own pack of that sweet confection. It's a fully lined pocket and her little hand fits easily in to it. The little plush guy is clipped on to the front of the top and a my own ribbon tassle hangs on the skirt. I love the button 'candies' spilling out of the pack and tumbling down the front.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at

You know I LOVE Angie's bows! (doodlezbowtique) They go so well with my style and are always a just the right finishing touch for Miss B's hair. My daughter, Haley, found some great blogs with such fun little girl's hair do's. She's a great blog searcher and always finds the best ones to add to my long list of favorites! This is one of the new do's I found while searching this week. Miss B loved it when she took a peek at the back of it! She thought it was fun to have a 'circle' on her head!

In all the times I photograph Miss B, the best one are the ones when she is playing and doing what she wants to do! Here's a perfect example of that...I was checking the camera & look up to see her tossing her M&M's into the air and attempting to catch them. Oh, and this was her THIRD package of this same candy. We had a little glitch with the first shoot. I hate it when I forget to put the card in my camera!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Lamb

Here's one more sweet little Easter set, Little Lamb, that I've just listed today. It's full-of-twirl and has a darling appliqued front and back bodice. The applique is just as cute as can be and was a ton of fun to create. On this one, I decided to do a little fabric piecing to create the grass & sky and then added a sweet row of daisy lace to connect the two. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Also, this time I matched a peasant top to some ruffled footless tights. They are such a fun little touch to the set. I know Miss B loves wearing them and thinks they are quite 'fashionable'...a quote right directly from her!

Again, Angie (doodlesbowtique) created some of the sweetest little hair accessories to match. I always love opening the boxes I receive from her. These bows are a perfect match and the little carrot clip is an amazingly detailed work of art!

Just a little note about the headful of curls...
Miss B came over to spend the night and when she arrived she had the most lovely curly hair. She told me her momma had curled with rags, the way they did on the Titanic! She has loved the story of the Titanic for a few years and her sweet kinder teacher has just completed a unit on the same that week. (She told me that she loved every bit of that unit and had kissed the books good bye as Ms. C put them away on Friday!) Well, she had to have her freshly washed hair curled at our house that night, too. She and I went through my fabric stash and chose some pretty pink and brown floral fabric and tore a mound of strips to curl her lovely locks. It turned out quite 'fashionable'!