Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy!

Here's a yummy treat for your sweet little one! I loved working on this one and adding the fun little details. The pocket...package of M&M's... is the perfect size to stash her own pack of that sweet confection. It's a fully lined pocket and her little hand fits easily in to it. The little plush guy is clipped on to the front of the top and a my own ribbon tassle hangs on the skirt. I love the button 'candies' spilling out of the pack and tumbling down the front.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at

You know I LOVE Angie's bows! (doodlezbowtique) They go so well with my style and are always a just the right finishing touch for Miss B's hair. My daughter, Haley, found some great blogs with such fun little girl's hair do's. She's a great blog searcher and always finds the best ones to add to my long list of favorites! This is one of the new do's I found while searching this week. Miss B loved it when she took a peek at the back of it! She thought it was fun to have a 'circle' on her head!

In all the times I photograph Miss B, the best one are the ones when she is playing and doing what she wants to do! Here's a perfect example of that...I was checking the camera & look up to see her tossing her M&M's into the air and attempting to catch them. Oh, and this was her THIRD package of this same candy. We had a little glitch with the first shoot. I hate it when I forget to put the card in my camera!