Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Riley!

Today our youngest daughter turns 21. She's the kind of daughter every mom would want...gentle, caring, and the sweetest heart. I thought maybe I would share a few pics of her in some clothes that I made for her when she was a wee little thing. I really enjoyed looking through pics today and reminiscing about the hours of smocking and sewing I did for my three precious daughters over the past 28 years.

Many treasures in my attic and in my heart.


  1. aww mom, thanks!! i wouldn't be a sweet girl if i didnt have a sweet influence to learn from! lol. what fun outfits!! love you!

  2. I meant every word of it, you know! Truly a joy you are! I love making those fun outfits for you girls!
    Love you oodles!

  3. Awwww, those pics are precious. You have such a lovely family. You must be SO SO proud:)
    Hugs, Susan

  4. Happy birthday to you daughter....all the Best to you, greetings from Germany Jaike