Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Neighbors

We live on the outskirts of town...not too far out, but enough to feel like we are in the country. Just east of us are the sweetest neighbors anyone could ask for. They are the kind that always offer an friendly wave and are willing to lend a helping hand, if needed. Mr. Y started driving his tractor over to our long graveled drive not long after we moved there over six years ago. He drags it off so we have a smooth ride on our way in and out. We get a lot of rain in Oklahoma and our drive washes in to large ruts and running rivers easily, so we are so grateful for what he does. Last winter I heard him outside and there he was clearing the snow so we could get out. Not only in our drive, but in all the neighbors around us.

Last week, I call Mrs. Y to ask if Miss B and I could come over and take pictures at their place. They have the best fences, and old truck, a pond, tree swing and more...just perfect backdrops for outdoor photography. We were welcomed with opened arms, just what I expected. As we finished up the pictures, out came Mr. Y with a plastic container of fish food. He invited Miss B to come and feed the fish in the pond. She stood right by him as he told her all about the fish and turtles in his pond and she drank in all he had to say. He made sure we knew we were welcome back over anytime. I wish everyone had the opportunity to live by Mr. and Mrs. Y. They are truly the epitomy of what neighbors should be.

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