Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello Miss Kitty!

Here's a first one for me! I've never done a Hello Kitty set before, although I"ve had this darling fabric well over a year. I knew my friend, Susan, (little*moonkey) was a huge fan of Hello Kitty and also had some of the same fabric, so we planned a little collaboration. We even found some matching sandals for the girls at one of our favorite stores! If you're looking for some you can find them here.
The apron top is full of fun little details...applique, machine embroidery, little bits of trim, ruffles, buttons, flowers on a base of whimsically mixed fabrics...including the hard-to-find Hello Kitty print. The super twirly skirt is waaay fun and twirls great with or without a pettiskirt! I gave Miss B the choice of how she wanted to model it and, of course, she chose the fluffy route.

You can find the Miss Kitty Skirt Set here.

A second variation of Hello Kitty is this sweet three piece capri set. I've chosen comfy knits under an apron style top for a fun little combination. It's easy care and easy wear with a peasant pullover top, capris & apron that slips right over her head and ties in the back. The details are similar to the top from the skirt set....oh, and if you had both sets all of the pieces could be easily interchanged! The pants on this one can made in any style...long and slim to wide legged and shorter...or if your little one is a skirt kind of gal, a simple skirt would work perfectly, too.
You can check out the Miss Kitty Capri Set here.

Now for the hair do...this time we thought it would be fun to do some little 'cat ears' on top of her head! When I did the two little braids on the sides, I just slipped a little bit of wire into the braid, formed it and then clipped the bobby pinned the ends of the braids under the bows. If you try it, be sure to curl the ends of the wire under so they don't poke her head...ow, that would hurt!. Miss B loved them so much, she wanted to wear them to the drugstore to choose her prize. The checker at the store told her they were adorable and she just shyly smiled. Aren't they perfect with the sweet hair decor from Angie?(doodlesbowtique) She amazed me once again with her fun, funky style!

(a little side note...taking model pics does occasionally pose some challenges. I know it's hard for you to know exactly what goes on when we do each set of photos, and this one was especially interesting. The day before we took these, Miss B fell smack down on the corner of the patio! Oh, it was quite painful to her and so scary for her momma! She was left with a pretty good size boo-boo around her eye and nose. She was not really wanting to take pics because of this, but was a pretty cooperative and a real trooper! You'll see there are not many close ups and many that are indeed 'head turners' lol Thanks, sweet Miss B...I love you with all my heart!)

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